Presentation Content Management

Large conferences and events often use CloudVOTE as a Presentation Content Management System (PCMS) for their speakers. Presenters and event personnel work on perfecting their content in a speaker-ready room.

Presentation content is then uploaded into the CloudVOTE system where it is organized by day, course, or presenter. When a speaker is ready to present, they simply log onto CloudVOTE from whichever room they are assigned to present from, choose their presentation from the list, and either run it from the web, or download it locally to the CloudVOTE desktop app. CloudVOTE eliminates the need to shuffle presentations around on jump drive or set up a localized network at each event.

Presentation Content Management System
CloudVOTE Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The CloudVOTE speaker presentation management system is easy to navigate and simple to master. First, PowerPoint presentations are uploaded to the cloud. Depending on the nature of the content, your CloudVOTE presentation can be different from the one projected to the screen, thus creating a unique 2nd screen experience.

Then, the presentation templates are organized by their name and visually identified by a thumbnail image of the title slide. The list of uploaded templates can be sorted and filtered to quickly find what you’re looking for. Review your template settings (colors, polling parameter) and slide configuration just by clicking on the thumbnail.

Start a session with a single click. Navigate through the presentation and on a question slide, just click Poll and ask participants to vote. They can also text at any time…no need to wait for a specific prompt.

Security. Privacy. Compliance.

Running on Microsoft Azure’s secure and resilient platform, CloudVOTE is compliant with all industry-standard requirements from ISO 27001 to DoD Impact Level 4.

CloudVOTE’s standard multi-tenant environment is configured for seamless geo-redundant backup, which ensures 99.9% uptime and near-instant recovery from outages.

If your business application requires it, your CloudVOTE instance can run in a designated, single-tenant configuration that ensures even higher level of security and privacy.

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Reporting and Data Organized by Speaker

CloudVOTE organizes its reports by presentation instance. Each presenter who uses the CloudVOTE system has individualized reports based on the data collected in their session. Reports are separated into two categories polls and messages. The poll reports contains all of the data collected from audience response questions asked and the messages report contains all of the free form feedback submitted. The reports can be viewed online, printed, or downloaded into Word, Excel, or CSV format.