Interactive PowerPoint Presentation File

Step #1

Upload your PowerPoint presentation

CloudVOTE reads PPTX files and displays the polling questions, election slides and presentation content in your browser. Any content contained in a PowerPoint file can be voted on an/or pushed to your attendees’ smart devices. Once the slideshow is uploaded, it is stored within CloudVOTE as a template and used at anytime without having to upload the presentation again.

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Select Presentation


Upload to CloudVOTE


Run Presentation

Mobile Voting & Texting App

Step #2

Invite Attendees to Join and Respond

Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can join simply by going to our secure website and joining a poll by using the presenter’s Access Key. This is a custom phrase the presenter can personalize to best reflect the context of the meeting, or make his/her session names most memorable.

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Use any smartphone...


...or your iPad


...or use a laptop

Participant Laptop

Once a participant joins, they are welcomed to the session with instructions on how to respond to questions and how to text in feedback at any time. The polling buttons will appear as soon as the vote is open and they will be replaced by a results chart when the polling is closed, or removed if the presenter’s subscription does not include pushing content to attendees’ devices.

Instructions Tablet Transparent
Instructions Laptop

Participants are free to text in responses at anytime, but can only vote when the presenter asks a question which triggers the voting buttons to appear on a participants device. Presenter can also choose to send a free-form text message to the audience via the projected audience viewer or by pushing it to individual devices if the subscription supports it.

CloudVote Polling Mobile
Instructions Tablet Transparent
CloudVote Polling Laptop

Presenters can also choose to push presentation content to their participants. The navigation is centrally controlled by the operator, so as the presenter moves through the content, the slides appear on the devices of the participants creating a unique “Second Screen Experience

CloudVOTE Content Mobile
CloudVOTE Content iPad
CloudVOTE Content Laptop
Response White

Step #3

Manage Polls & Text Messages

Once your presentation is uploaded, you are ready to begin. CloudVOTE allows you to run your presentation from the presenter screen and display full screen for an audience view. Participants are welcomed into your session with an instruction slide and can immediately text in responses or vote on questions when prompted.

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Presenters can advance through their presentation with simple controls and activate polling on any slide by using the poll button. The audience will see a “Please Vote Now” prompt and voting buttons will be shown automatically on the participants devices.

Operator View During Polling

Audience Polling - Operator View

Projected Audience View

Audience Polling - Projected Audience View

Mobile Audience View

Audience Polling - Smartphone View

The voting results are shown to the participants in real time. Operator can switch between vertical, horizontal or pie charts.

Operator View During Polling

Polling Results - Operator View

Audience Results View

Polling Results - Projected Audience View

Mobile Results View

Polling Results - Smartphone View