Training Content Creation, Upload, and Management

Step #1

Create, upload and protect your training content

CloudVOTE makes it easy!

Utilize the design strengths and familiarity of PowerPoint to and create the course content that you need for your training. Import the PPTX file to CloudVOTE and convert it to a protected Template, which can be assigned any LMS tracking information (metadata) such as “Course ID”. Review and configure your slides and finally assign/distribute the Template to those departments or individual trainers who need it.

Design the Presentation

CloudVOTE Training Presentation Management

Design your slides in PowerPoint, including text, graphics, and video and use “Title and Content” layout to automatically detect a “Question” slide structure, such as number of answers.

Review Your Slides

CloudVOTE Training Slide Review

Review your slides for accuracy and setup polling rules. If you missed it during upload, now is the time to assign Template metadata, such as Course ID to track results back to your LMS.

Trainee & Keypad Doorway Registration

Step #2

Register Trainees & Present

Speed and reliability is the key!

Sync the training content to your computer, so you can go offline for as long as you want, and upload all training data when you reconnect. Organize individual sessions into “Playlists” so you can present without interruption, while tracking results from each session separately.

Register trainees as they walk through the door in seconds. To speed up the registration process, our system works with barcoded badges, RFID or magnetic stripe technology, but we can provide you with an automated solution even if you don’t have one in place right now.

Synchronize & Organize

CloudVOTE Training Management Content Sync

Users will be notified of new content when it’s available and they can group individual sessions into “Playlists” to play multiple courses back-to-back, while tracking and grading each session.

Scan & Register

CloudVOTE Trainee Registration

We strongly recommend setting up multiple data entry validation rules to ensure smooth, fast (under 2 minutes) and friction-less doorway registration and back-end data integrity.

Training Content Management Reporting

Step #3

Review & Evaluate

Clear, Actionable Data!

Once the data from local sessions is synced to CloudVOTE, you can review the results from individual locations and trainers, or look at the aggregate, department and corporate-level reports that show you clearly where the pain points are, so you can take action.

If you’re just passing data through CloudVOTE to feed it into your current LMS, we’ll send it to you nightly, or at your specified interval using any secure transfer protocol that you prefer.

Individual Performance Report

CloudVOTE Reporting & Analytics

Individual & group performance reports immediately show where you should focus your attention and improve the training outcomes.

Scheduled LMS Sync

CloudVOTE Participant Report with Scores

Individual trainee report score card, as well as the aggregate (departmental or company-wide) reports can be synced directly to your LMS.