CloudVOTE Security

When Security is Paramount

Our clients require the highest standards of security. They need highest levels of availability. Industry-standard compliance must be, well, standard.

CloudVOTE security options are extensive and many are turned on by default. However, your specific solution may require an extra secure layer…and we are ready for it.

Feel free to review our security and compliance documents and ask for more information if needed.

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CloudVOTE Security
CloudVOTE Security & Compliance

CloudVOTE Compliance

From ISO 27001 to DoD Impact Level 4, CloudVOTE is hosted in a Microsoft Azure environment configured by default to meet and exceed majority of corporate content storage and transfer guidelines.

If needed, your specific solution can be configured to meet the requirements that your IT/IS department needs to comply with.

CloudVOTE Backup & Recovery

When it comes to backup and recovery, no shortcuts can be taken. CloudVOTE security and reliability depends on the ability to recover from a simple connection outage to a whole system shutdown.

We offer a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee and our standard multi-tenant environment is by default configured for immediate, geo-redundant failover. For more detailed information, download our Standard Response on CloudVOTE Resiliency & Backup.

CloudVOTE Backup & Resiliency Standard Response
Download our Resiliency & Backup Standard Response

CloudVOTE Standard Response Documentation

When you become a CloudVOTE client, we’ll work with your IT/IS department to make sure that they are satisfied with the level of protection our system provides.

We will create a customized backup and disaster recovery solution that fits your needs and security requirements.

Below are our Standard Response documents that we use when communicating with your security compliance teams.

CloudVOTE Disaster Recovery Standard Response
Download our CloudVOTE Disaster Recovery Standard Response
CloudVOTE Physical and Information Security Standard Response
Download our CloudVOTE Physical and Information Security Standard Response