CloudVOTE Pricing

Access to the CloudVOTE platform is priced based on the number of participants that need to respond/vote and the number of presenters that need to host the voting/learning sessions simultaneously.

All CloudVOTE users receive live, instructor-led training on how to utilize the system in addition to phone, email, and chat support throughout their use.

Unlike many online platforms, CloudVOTE is fully staffed to answer any questions you may have and more then willing to set up online demonstrations to test your unique meeting workflow, session voting rules and bylaw limitations.

How is CloudVOTE Different

Live, Helpful Staff Located on the U.S. East Coast

Live Support Staff Icon

Simple and/or Complex Pass/Fail Calculations

Checkmark Vote Pass-Fail Calculations

Advanced Features for Unique Workflows

Idea Lightbulb Advanced Workflows

Content Distribution and Account Control

Offline or Online Real-Time Feedback

CloudVOTE Online & Offline Feedback

Recognize Questions In PowerPoint

Customizable Workflow & User Interface

CloudVOTE Customization

Participant Registration & Tracking

CloudVOTE Participant Registration

Centralized, Aggregate Reporting

CloudVOTE Centralized Reporting

Secure. Compliant. Reliable.

Basic Features

  • Classroom Response Hardware Integration
  • Automated ‘Clicker-to-Trainee’ Registration
  • Available Web-Based Slide Sharing
  • Browser-Based Web App – Nothing to Download
  • Use Your Existing PowerPoint Presentations
  • Automatic Slide Format Recognition with Manual Review

Standard Environment

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • ISO 27001 Compliant
  • SSAE 16 SOC Type 2 Compliant
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant
  • DoD Impact Level 4
  • HIPAA-Ready

Advanced Features

  • Private & Secure Content Storage
    • Pick Up Where You Left Off
    • Parent -> Child Content Distribution
    • Content Version Management
  • Aggregate, Parent Account Reporting
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Access
  • Offline Content Sync (Desktop App)
  • Geo-Redundant Multi-Tenant Environment
  • Streamlined Trainee Registration & Tracking
  • Customizable Workflow Rules and Design
  • Badge & ARS Keypad Scanner Integration
  • Personalized Web Portal and Desktop App

Available Options

  • Single-Tenant Environment
  • “Hot Site” Geo-Redundant Backup