Trainee Response System

Corporate training departments across America use CloudVOTE as a trainee response system to add accountability, live feedback, and measurement to their courses and presentations. Our technology helps create collaborative learning environments which allow participants to interact and communicate with trainers. CloudVOTE compliments current coursework by utilizing PowerPoint as the foundation for every interactive session. The CloudVOTE platform has helped employers to:

  • Provide education on and reduce compliance risk
  • Ensure competitive edge in the market
  • Promote safety and health among employees
  • Create opportunities for career development
  • Educate workers about the effective use of technology
  • Improve productivity and profitability

Benefits of Trainee Response System

CloudVOTE allows trainers to ask questions and receive real-time feedback from participants mobile devices or computers. Results instantly display on screen and collect in detailed reports to ensure all participants are counted. Participants can be tracked for individual knowledge checks or questioned anonymously to encourage honest opinions. To begin a CloudVOTE session simply upload a PowerPoint presentation, invite attendees and poll on any of the slides contained in the uploaded presentation.

Trainee Response System
CloudVOTE Student Response Clicker Side

Electronic Feedback Collection

CloudVOTE allows trainers to utilize dedicated hardware – wireless audience response clickers, trainees’ own mobile devices, or a combination of both. Clickers can be customized to match the specific needs, brand (design), or functionality.

Trainees login from any smartphone or tablet just by using their Internet browser – no download required. Trainer can create a participant list to manage who can and cannot attend the training and to verify attendance.

When using clickers, the desktop companion app scans trainees into the session with minimal friction right at the door, so that the class can start on time and workers get back to their jobs as quickly as possible.

Cloud-Based Content Management System

CloudVOTE is more than just an interactive mobile polling system. Many use it to centrally store, manage, and protect their presentation content.  If you are looking for a single location to distribute your PowerPoint presentations from in a format that cannot be edited, CloudVOTE is the perfect solution. Subscribers have access to every presentation uploaded to CloudVOTE simply by logging into their account. These “templates” can be shared among a team and presented and polled on as many times as you wish. Individual polled sessions can easily be reviewed from the same location and reports can be generated and shared with others.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Secure. Compliant. Resilient.

CloudVOTE is built on Microsoft Azure’s secure and resilient platform that is constantly being updated and reinforced on all fronts. Our standard multi-tenant environment is by default configured for seamless geo-redundant backup, which ensures 99.9% uptime and near-instant recovery from outages.

Many of our clients choose a single-tenant configuration that ensures even higher level of security and privacy, if needed.

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Interactive Learning Management System

Only CloudVOTE provides the lightweight, intelligent Learning Management System (LMS) that your organization needs to test and assess the skills of your workforce. As a plant, factory, or department manager, you can see how individual employees are performing during tests and provide OSHA and other government entities with compliance records. Individuals can be scored on each session, as well as across the entire training program. Easy to read reports can be exported to most standard formats and imported into your internal system, if necessary.

Get Interactive

Engage your students. Get more with less effort. Collect data. Analyze results quickly.

Reports and Data

All response data collected during a CloudVOTE course can easily be reviewed through our reporting engine.  View data from a single session or aggregate data from multiple sessions over time. CloudVOTE offers a number of reports which can be viewed online or exported to a number of popular formats for easy integration with your internal systems.