Increase Content Retention

When safety of your workers and your product is at stake, they need to remember the training longer. With integrated audience response system, it can be up to 30% longer.

Comply with Regulations

Simplify and speed up your compliance reporting. Offline (Excel) reporting is available instantly after the session. Management can see an aggregate online report immediately after session sync.

Improve Training Efficiency

Get instant feedback to your training content. Know how everyone in the room is doing on a question-by-question basis and evaluate how you, or your content are performing in real time.

Trainee Response System

For nearly 50 years, Meridia has worked with the training community to develop technology focused on improving adult learning, employee engagement and compliance assurance. We offer solutions that help organizations add accountability, live feedback, and measurement to their courses and presentations, and:

  • Conduct Assessments
  • Measure Outcomes
  • Document Attendance
  • Analyze Performance
  • Assign Coursework
  • Centralize Curriculum
“Our training department utilizes CloudVOTE as a data collection system to feed into our SuccessFactors LMS. With the aid of your system, we were able to register participants in mere minutes, administer the training and get them back on the line in record time. By incorporating the audience response system directly into the training material, we not only have a record of attendance and ultimately compliance documentation, but we can also instantly look at the reports after the session, or at the end of the day, if needed. Getting the feedback from the audience so quickly allowed us to give feedback to the less-performing staff much more efficiently.”

– Marty Golub, PM

CloudVOTE is a training management platform that allows instructors to ask questions and receive real-time feedback from dedicated response keypads (clickers) or participants’ own mobile devices. Results instantly display on screen and collect in detailed reports to ensure all participants are counted. Participants can be tracked for individual knowledge checks or questioned anonymously to encourage honest opinions.

CloudVOTE Content Management & LMS Integration

Create Content

Add interactive questions to your PowerPoint. Import the PPTX to CloudVOTE.

CloudVOTE Mobile Polling & Training Evaluation

Ask a Question

Your trainees answer questions with our keypads or their own smartphones, tablets and laptops.

CloudVOTE Reporting & Analytics

Evaluate Responses

Show group responses live, and/or view detailed reports later. All data is centrally stored and aggregated over time.

Trainee Response Systems Provide the Platform to:

  • Encourage Positive Behaviors
  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase Productivity
  • Comply with Regulations
  • Optimize Performance
  • Engage Workers
“CloudVOTE makes our training faster by being able to register dozens of employees in just a few seconds, as they walk through the door and sit down in the chairs. We utilize the instant Excel reporting to find those individuals who need to be followed-up with and prepare better content for the next session.
Our managers quickly got used to the fact that the reports from all of our sessions (and trainers) are available the same day, or next morning.”

– Lisa Markle, Trainer

Training content and course work can be created on demand, or built in advance and stored centrally in the cloud. Our system works locally without internet connectivity in times when connection is not available, and integrates into the CloudVOTE service when you need to sync all results into a single, comprehensive report, or periodically send it (e.g. nightly) to your internal LMS.

CloudVOTE Offline Content Sync & Audience Response

Locally (Offline)

  • Create Content
  • Present Content
  • Collect Responses

Centrally (Online)

  • Store, Distribute & Assign Content
  • Store & Analyze Data
  • Report & Integrate with LMS

Audience Response Data Collection

CloudVOTE system combines the ability to use physical, wireless devices (also called keypads or clickers) and the BYOD, smartphone approach, so that each organization can have the flexibility of utilizing the “right tool for the job.”

Clickers come in different shapes, sizes and offer different features, so it’s up to the presenter or the manager to choose the keypad that offers the most benefit for each classroom.

Key Differentiators

  • Battery life
  • Size
  • Multi-Vote vs Single-Vote
  • Range
  • Warranty
  • Cost
CloudVOTE Student Response Clicker Front
CloudVOTE Student Response Clicker
CloudVOTE Student Response System
Audience response system with polling software

Reporting & Data

All response data collected during a training session is easily reviewed through our reporting engine.  View data from a single session or aggregate data from multiple sessions over time. As a plant, factory, or department manager, you can see how individual employees are performing during tests and provide OSHA and other government entities with compliance records. Individuals can be scored on each session, as well as across the entire training program. Our CloudVOTE trainee response system offers a number of reports and export formats for online analysis or to use in your external systems.

CloudVOTE Reporting & Analytics

CloudVOTE is flexible in the way trainers can collect the data, and report on it and allows trainers and educators to utilize a variety of strategies such as:

  • Interactive Instruction
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Active Learning
  • Agile Teaching
  • Gamification
  • Peer Instruction
  • Socratic Questioning
  • Team-Based Learning
“We needed a way to bring everyone in the same room and without having to use their own devices (because we don’t have an internet connection) collect the responses in the onboarding training test we administer every week. CloudVOTE desktop software was a breeze to learn even for those trainers who come in only once a month to help us out when we don’t have enough of our own staff.”

– Larry Michael, Plant Manager