Smartphone Voting App

Mobile Polling App

A true cross-platform mobile polling system allows the user to pick up any mobile device and use it in a meeting without the need to download, install, or configure an app. Regardless of the operating system, or type of mobile browser, audience can participate in voting, or live texting and presenter can push content directly to the attendees’ devices. The benefits of CloudVOTE are:

  1. Reducing the time needed to prepare for a vote
  2. Eliminating additional cost of downloading a dedicated smartphone voting app
  3. Create your presentations in PowerPoint (PPTX)
  4. Ability to sync to a desktop app (for offline presentations)
  5. Connection to RF wireless clickers (via the desktop app)
Smartphone Voting App Operator Controls
Operator UI. Click for a larger version
Operator UI for Moderated Texting
Moderated Texting. Click for larger version.

Challenges of Smartphone Audience Response

People use smartphones and tablets in meetings to catch up on their emails, and even watch video, which takes away from the main reason of the session. Having a dedicated audience response clicker eliminates these distractions. However, often it is more convenient to use a device your audience already has on them and is familiar with. To minimize the impact of the distraction, the presenter can avoid the download and installation of a dedicated app and instead, log into the polling session directly via the browser.

Provide consistency and use the familiar PowerPoint environment to create your educational content and rest assured that it is going to look the same across the devices.

Smartphone Web Voting

Pure web-based smartphone voting apps are compatible with all of the existing mobile operating systems. At the same time, they allow advanced features like real-time broadcast/push of the presentation graphics during an interactive polling session. From the audience’s perspective, the smartphone web-based voting app acts just as fast and reliably as their Android and iOS counterparts, but doesn’t require a separate app download and/or installation.

For the presenter, the time savings and convenience gains are big, too. Participants can simply go to their browser of choice and log into the session, using any device that’s most convenient to them. They can vote when polling is opened, or they can text at any time – without the need to wait for a question to be displayed.

Presentation content is pushed to their devices automatically, but the presenter can also show it on the big screen, or share it with the remote audience via WebEx, GoToMeeting, UberConference, or JoinMe…

Numeric Buttons - Voted
"WebPad" voting buttons instill voters' confidence by turning a different color after the vote is submitted.
Multi-Vote - Voted
When voting in multi-vote mode, user can clearly see how each of their votes is attributed.

Single-Vote vs. Multi-Vote Polling

Your presentation can feature single-vote questions: “Pick one of these choices…” as well as multi-vote questions: “Select all that apply…” or “Pick your top 3 choices…”

Participant will be informed directly on their device what type of question is active and they’ll be instructed on how to vote. Each vote submission is confirmed by an on-screen message and the last choice is highlighted to make it easy to see how/if the answer has changed.