Online Elections Software

Online elections software offers many advantages over the standard way of electronic voting. By comparison, the typical form of input in electronic voting is a wireless keypad, or a “clicker”, whereas in online elections, participants vote using a browser, or an app on their own devices (BYOD), while connected to the internet.

Online elections can be done at any time, regardless of the participants’ physical location. This allows for ‘staggered elections’, which lets people in different time zones vote at times that are most convenient for them.

TownVOTE Online Voting Software
TownVOTE Electronic Voting Software

Official Electronic Voting System for U. S. House of Representatives

“The use of an electronic voting system helps us process the full markup votes among the 50+ members — accurately — in less than two minutes. By comparison, it used to take us 10 minutes to vote on a single item.”

— Nancy Locke, Chief Clerk at Committee on Natural Resources

United States House of Representatives

Variety of Voting Options

In the time of COVID-19 pandemic, compliance with CDC guidelines is of utmost importance. But so is doing what is necessary to make sure that your constituents have their voices heard and their votes counted.

CloudVOTE offers a set of tools that help you achieve both. We can help you hold a virtual meeting over Zoom or Teams and vote via smartphones, clickers or a hybrid combination of both.

Offer your constituents options that are easy to access, operate and understand, so they can feel valued and counted in.

Real-Time Voting

Real-Time Electronic Voting
Live Electronic Voting Final Pass Summary

When you are able to get together in real time (in a virtual meeting, or socially-distant one), everyone can vote at once, tackling motion after motion, topic after topic. System can anonymize the results, or show who voted Yes or No.

Self-Paced Voting

Self-Paced Electronic Voting Required Slide Response
Asynchronous Electronic Voting Required Slide Response

When working with people from all over the world, you may need to leave the voting period open for an extended period of time, letting your constituents log in at their convenience and cast their votes when it’s most convenient for them.

Clickers. Smartphone. Hybrid.

Electronic Voting Election App
Online Voting Election Smartphone App

Whether you need the simplicity of pushing just one button without the online connectivity and login distractions or you need a combination of indoor seating and the virtual attendees logging in from their smart devices, CloudVOTE can facilitate a process that works for you.

Massachusetts Town Clerks

Town of Rutland

Town of Rutland

Damian Bartek, Town Clerk

“We could not be happier with the purchase of our electronic voting system. We needed something fast and reliable and Meridia provided not only an excellent product, but also service every step of the way.”

Town of Uxbridge MA

Town of Uxbridge

Kelly Dumas, Town Clerk

“I purchased Meridia’s electronic voting system and used it at our Fall Town Hall Meeting. Everyone there loved it! I have given Meridia’s information out to several other communities and would highly recommend their system for any live voting event.”

Leicester Seal Logo 150x150 BW

Town of Leicester

Debbie Davis, Town Clerk

“The first time we used the voting system in a town meeting, we were thrilled. It was so simple to use. Questions were up on the screen and with a push of a button, they cast their vote. Privately. Securely. And the results were on the screen in seconds.”

...and many more

CloudVOTE Security
CloudVOTE Security

Online Elections Security

Critical part of the online elections software is its security and resiliency. Among other requirements, we maintain ISO 27001 to DoD Impact Level 4 compliance so that CloudVOTE can offer the infrastructure and a piece of mind that ensures proper, valid and verifiable election results.

CloudVOTE infrastructure consists of multiple layers of security and backup that come online in case of a system failure. Learn more on our CloudVOTE Security page.

Online, electronic voting systems allow the operator to actively validate the registration process, prepare the voting topics (e.g. motions, amendments and/or candidate names) ahead of time and automate the vote collection.

Voting results can be suppressed, or shown to the audience in immediately after the voting period is over and reports can be exported to most common formats, like PDF, Word, or Excel.

Main Benefits of Online Elections

  • Speed & Automation
  • Near Real-Time Results
  • Easy Content Preparation
  • Registration Enforcement
  • Always-On Availability

Available Wireless Voting Keypad Integration

Wireless voting keypad integration is an option in cases where your voters don’t have their own devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops), or when internet connectivity is unreliable or unavailable.

Ask us about the variety of keypads we offer and specialized voting software that comes with it.

Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
Coin-Cell Batteries
(6-12 mo life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
AAA Batteries
(up to 4 year life)
5 voting buttons 10 voting buttons 10 voting buttons 13 voting buttons
$ $$ $$$ $$$$

Participant Registration & Validation

Only the participants who were registered can take part in the online elections. Our Participant List feature strictly enforces the register you can set up ahead of time via manual entry or import of a file in CSV format.

Each participant can have a vote weight assigned to them, so that your specific election rules and vote allocation can be enforced easily and automatically.

Pre-Registered Participant List Finished
Each participant can be assigned a different 'weight' for their votes, so that they can vote as a proxy to someone else or simply increase the 'value' of their own vote per your election rules.