Group Response Platform for Electronic Voting, Education, and Training Assessment

Easy to use, flexible online voting system for in-person, online and hybrid meetings.

Online Electronic Voting & Training System

Electronic Voting System

Elect Officials, Vote on Motions and Amendments

CloudVOTE facilitates secure, anonymous or individually identifiable, electronic voting for your business meeting in real-time, or self-paced mode. We can provide assistance, or you can do it yourself.

Training Management System

Track, Assess and Document Employee Training

CloudVOTE provides training content distribution, version and language variation management, response data collection, and individual progress tracking throughout your enterprise.

What is CloudVOTE

CloudVOTE allows users to participate in online electronic voting and learning initiatives. Voting motions or coursework are created/uploaded to the CloudVOTE system and presented in either a live or self-paced mode. Detailed reports and analysis on the participants responses are available in real time and upon the completion of the activity.

Looking to Host Your Own Electronic Voting or Learning Session?

CloudVOTE Content Management & LMS Integration

Create Content

Voting content or coursework is created in PowerPoint and uploaded or entered directly into CloudVOTE.

CloudVOTE Mobile Polling & Training Evaluation

Ask a Question

Participants respond to voting motions or assessment questions using mobile devices or computers.

CloudVOTE Reporting & Analytics

Evaluate Responses

Show group responses live, and view centrally-stored reports (individual or aggregate) later.

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