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Interactive Training Content Management Platform

Mobile Polling, Texting. Content Distribution. LMS Integration.

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What is CloudVOTE

CloudVOTE is a secure, interactive presentation platform for trainers, teachers, and live events. CloudVOTE enhances presentation content by allowing participants to respond to questions, and quizzes with mobile devices and/or dedicated handheld clickers.

Stored content is easily assigned and distributed to designated groups and individual users. Response data is centrally stored and aggregated to measure participation, track progress and identify outliers. Detailed reports and analytics are available online or exportable to external systems. CloudVOTE complements traditional learning management systems or operates independently to store content, measure participation, and deliver analysis.

Why CloudVOTE

  • Secure & Compliant

  • Customizable Workflow & UI

  • Online/Offline/Hybrid Polling

  • Content Delegation & Protection

  • Automated Attendee Registration

How Does It Work

CloudVOTE PowerPoint Compatible


Upload a PowerPoint file to allow group feedback on any slide.Your meeting is auto assigned a Session Access Key and immediately available for participants to login.

Mobile Voting & Texting App


Instruct the participants to go to and join the meeting using your Session Access Key.

CloudVOTE Online & Offline Feedback


Your content is now interactive. Participants are engaged and able to respond to questions and quizzes using mobile phones or clickers. No app download necessary


  • Upload and centrally store your content
  • Measure participation and assess knowledge
  • Document attendance and performance


  • Delegate & manage access to content
  • Push & share slides to any device
  • Instant, live mobile polling & texting


  • Private & Encrypted
  • Single-Tenant Environment Available
  • DoD, ISO, FIPS Compliant

Who Uses CloudVOTE

Trainers and Managers

CloudVOTE adds interactivity and measurement to static training curriculum. Organizations use CloudVOTE because they believe that instructor-led training is the most efficient form of employee education and they want to empower their trainers with tools that increase learner content retention, raise student engagement and document performance.

CloudVOTE is easily adopted by training teams because it does not require coursework to be changed or rewritten in any way.  If you already utilize PowerPoint presentations to train your workforce, those same presentations can be used within the CloudVOTE platform. Simply upload the content, collect responses from your group, and document the results.

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Teachers and Students

Teachers love CloudVOTE for its compatibility with PowerPoint, thus making it a great student response system. Logging into the course or test session via browser is never more than a few taps or clicks away.

Free-form texting input is allowed at all times, not just when the poll is open. All texts are moderated and can be pushed to all devices at the same time, or held private.

COMING SOON: You will be able to respond directly to the sender of the text message and have someone else (a dedicated Moderator) manage the flow of the incoming text messages.

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Event & Meeting Planners

Event and meeting planners use CloudVOTE as a live mobile polling and texting app with the ability to push content to all devices connected in the session.

There’s nothing to download and CloudVOTE works on all modern major browsers; desktop or mobile. Content is reusable from event to event, or from room to room.

You can combine physical audience response clickers with mobile devices to create a single, big audience, no matter where the attendees are joining your event from.

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Presentation and Data Management

Intelligent Learning Management System

CloudVOTE is a light-weight, affordable, and intelligent Learning Management System where you can upload, store and manage your business presentations, compliance training, assessment and other mission-critical materials.

Second Screen Presentation Experience

2nd Screen Experience

CloudVOTE allows you to separate the primary presentation from the supplemental content and push it directly to the audience devices independently of the main projector screen, thus creating an immersive second-screen experience.

Presentation and Data Management

With CloudVOTE, you can upload, store and manage your personal or business presentation templates and never have to worry about the content again. No one can modify the content once it’s stored as a template, so simply log in, start a poll from an existing template and collect feedback from your audience.

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2nd Screen Experience

CloudVOTE can separate your primary presentation from the supplemental content you might want to push out to the audience devices independently of what is being projected to the main event screen. Alternatively, you can present your content not only on the projection screen, but also directly on user’s devices.

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