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Voting. Free-Form Texting. Push & Manage Content.

Or upload your own presentation.

  • Centrally store content for all your speakers
  • Push any content all mobile devices at once
  • Poll any slide and receive texts at any time
  • Measure & analyze response data
  • Export reports to common formats

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CloudVOTE is a free live event mobile app used for voting and texting from any device, without installing anything on it. The entire application lives directly in the browser and gives everyone, regardless of a smartphone, tablet or laptop model instant access to polling and texting. CloudVOTE is the only application that does not ask its users to recreate their presentation and polling content. Simply upload the PowerPoint presentations that you are already using into the CloudVOTE system and you are ready to begin.

PowerPoint-Powered Interactive Meeting Technology

The Difference Between Boredom and Interactivity

Every CloudVOTE mobile polling session starts with a PowerPoint file.  CloudVOTE uses PowerPoint as the foundation for everyone of our interactive presentations.  Users simply need to upload their presentation to our system and then CloudVOTE does the rest. We give you an Access Key (code) to invite attendees to view and participate. We give you simple controls to share the content across devices, and we provide the technology to ask questions, collect real-time feedback via votes or free-form messaging, and show final results.


How It Works

CloudVOTE PowerPoint Compatible


Upload a PowerPoint file. Your meeting is assigned a Session Access Key and immediately available for participants to log into.

Mobile Voting & Texting App


Instruct the participants to go to and join the meeting using your Session Access Key.

CloudVOTE Online & Offline Feedback


Using your device’s browser, poll any slide. Participants send their responses and texts from a their own devices.

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Presentation and Data Management

Intelligent Learning Management System

CloudVOTE is a light-weight, affordable, and intelligent Learning Management System where you can upload, store and manage your business presentations, compliance training, assessment and other mission-critical materials.

Second Screen Presentation Experience

2nd Screen Experience

CloudVOTE allows you to separate the primary presentation from the supplemental content and push it directly to the audience devices independently of the main projector screen, thus creating an immersive second-screen experience.

Presentation and Data Management

With CloudVOTE, you can upload, store and manage your personal or business presentation templates and never have to worry about the content again. No one can modify the content once it’s stored as a template, so simply log in, start a poll from an existing template and collect feedback from your audience.

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2nd Screen Experience

CloudVOTE can separate your primary presentation from the supplemental content you might want to push out to the audience devices independently of what is being projected to the main event screen. Alternatively, you can present your content not only on the projection screen, but also directly on user’s devices.

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