I’m passionate about technology. I try to learn more everyday so that I can help teach and train others. Firm believer in instructor led training and group learning. I laugh daily, smile a lot, and enjoy my work. I lead a team of like minded individuals trying to improve group interaction. We use software, hardware and a lot of common sense to help groups improve employee education, speed up decision making, and engage learners.

Stealth Assessment Education

Stealth Assessment Tracks Training Progress with Gaming Technology

Despite what you might have suspected in high school, teachers can’t read minds. However, using an innovative style of teaching known as “stealth assessment,” it’s now easier for instructors to understand the processes and progression of how learners address challenges, solve problems and formulate answers to questions posed to them.

Team-Based Adult Learning

Accountability and Participation Make Team-Based Learning Work (Part 2 of 2)

The collaborative nature of team-based learning might seem foreign to many instructors who are firmly rooted in the old study/lecture/test classroom model.
As discussed earlier, these foreign aspects emerge from several factors, perhaps the most significant being the collaborative nature of the team-based learning environment.