CloudVOTE New Features

Current Version: 3.1

In this release, CloudVOTE’s new features have improved everything from simplifying our pricing and account management, adding Participant Management features, making visual and usability changes to the Web Participant UI and improved upon our speed and stability.

Below, find the highlights of the best features we currently offer.

CloudVOTE is still a pure web app – so there’s NOTHING to download for you, the Presenter, or for the Participants.


Participant Management

New Web Participant UI

Tagging and Aggregate Reports

…and many more


CloudVOTE is now 10x faster than before!

Session Management. Polling. You Name It.

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Participant List Management

As a Presenter/Organizer, you are now able to import or create a list of Attendees/Participants, so that you can track their answers, simply know, or control who is going to be in your session.

Your session can be started with two main options: Anonymous, or with a Participant List. If you need to use a Participant List, you have two options: Pre-Registered, or Free-Form signup.

Pre-Registered and Free-Form PL
Choose between Pre-Registered and Free-Form participant signup method.

Pre-Registered Participants

Pre-Registered list allows you to specify exactly who is (and who isn’t) allowed to enter your polling session. This also allows you to assign a ‘vote weight’ to each participant, so that they can vote according to your election rules and regulations.

Free-Form Signup

When you create a Free-Form Participant List, you will be able to request the joining participants to fill out a form with information you want them to share with you, such as an email address, name, or anything else. You can make the fields required, or optional.

Free-Form Participant List Finished
Request specific information from your participants, such as email address, or name before joining the polling session.

Participant Voting UI

Our participant voting UI redesign came all from your feedback. Keep it coming!

The voting buttons are now located below the slide preview thumbnail and the entire screen is fully responsive, so that we can make sure that it’s going to look great on every screen.

New voting UI has a clear and instant vote confirmation, and even provides instruction on how to vote on each question – whether it’s a single-vote, or multi-vote slide.

We’re working on automating the bullet-format detection, but in the meantime, Presenter can select whether the buttons are going to be shown as “Alpha” or “Numeric” depending on the format chosen on the original PowerPoint slide.

Numeric Buttons - Voted
"WebPad" voting buttons instill voters' confidence by turning a different color after the vote is submitted.
Multi-Vote - Voted
When voting in multi-vote mode, user can clearly see how each of their votes is attributed.

Single-Vote and Multi-Vote Support

Whether the question is asked in single-vote or multi-vote mode, participants can clearly see whether they have voted and change their vote easily and intuitively.

The voting screen also provides instruction on how to vote, so that the election and voting regulations are easily followed.

The entire screen, including the voting buttons are fully responsive, which means that they will conform to any screen that the participants are using.

Multi-Format Buttons

We heard your feedback – again! This change, for now, is manual, but will be automated in the near future. Presenter can use the Template Settings section in Slide Review to change the voting button format from Numeric to Alpha, depending on the actual format of the bullets on the PowerPoint slide.

Template Settings - Choose Button Format
Presenter can change the format of the voting buttons to better conform to the actual bullet format on their slides.

We’re always looking for feedback, so that we can improve and innovate for you. Without you, CloudVOTE would never become a useful product that it is now, it would just be an idea that was never realized.

Contact us at with any questions and suggestions that cross your mind, or if you want to schedule a demo to see all the audience response integration and LMS content management features.