If you already have a subscription, start on the left. If you don’t, learn more about CloudVOTE on the right.

Either way, we hope you will enjoy using CloudVOTE as much as we enjoy making it.

Are you ready to get started?

As a presenter and operator, you’ll need your Access Key/Join Code and Password to log into the CloudVOTE account. You would have created this info when you were buying a CloudVOTE subscription.

CloudVOTE Presenter Login
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Presenter Login

Not sure how to start?

Watch this short video and we will show you the basics to get you going right away. Just below, you’ll find the 1-2-3 quick start guide. Got more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

CloudVOTE Intro Video
Watch a video
Watch Video

Import template

Import your first template by logging in, and navigating to Templates –> Active. From there, click on Import New button. On the next screen, browse for or drop a PPTX file to upload.

Import a new CloudVOTE Template
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Review template

After the import, review your template and slides for accuracy, adjust visual settings, configure questions, assign correct answers, points, weights, etc…

Review slides in your Template
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Start session

Start a new polling session by clicking on the Start Poll button. Invite your audience to go to www.cloudvote.com/join and enter your Access Key/Join Code to join.

Start a new session from Template
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Other ways to join

You audience can join your session in other ways, too. Just tell them: “Go to www.cloudvote.com and click the Join button.”

Join CloudVOTE Session

Alternatively, you can have your audience scan this QR code, which will take them directly to the join page. You can save the image and distribute it to your attendees via email, too.

CloudVOTE QR Join Code

Got questions?

We’d like to think CloudVOTE is intuitive, but if you feel you are stuck, just check out our FAQ page. You will find your answers there.

CloudVOTE Help & Support
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