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Did You Know?

Secure Content Management

Are you a trainer, or an event manager who wants to store and manage all of your class materials and presentations in a single spot? CloudVOTE can help!

  • Protect content from unauthorized changes
  • Easily access templates from any device with a web browser
  • Replace them with an updated version
  • Assign content to specific sub-accounts
  • Invite 1000+ attendees for just $75/mo
CloudVOTE Presentation Content Management
CloudVOTE Texting App - Moderator

Poll & Text Independently

Do you have a lot of free-form questions? Do you like to gather open-ended feedback from your attendees or students? CloudVOTE can do it!

  • Collect free-form text input anytime
  • Moderate text messages
  • Poll on any slide
  • Push content and polling requests to all devices
  • Integrate mobile audiences with the clickers in your room