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With CloudVOTE, you can poll everywhere you go, because it was designed for mobile interactivity.  It allows groups and large audiences to quickly reach consensus by replying to questions asked by a moderator through any device with a web browser. It essentially allows people to answer polls everywhere using any internet enabled mobile device.

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CloudVOTE differentiates itself from other mobile polling apps by how its users create their polling content, how that content is shown and distributed to participants, and the type of devices that can participate with a CloudVOTE session.

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Most polling apps force their users to create and often re-create their polling content directly inside of their application.  CloudVOTE was designed with the understanding that the majority of its users already have presentation content and polling content created using Microsoft PowerPoint. So if the content already exists, why force someone to recreate it, or to create it using an editing tool that they are not familiar with?  Users simply upload PowerPoint slideshow to the CloudVOTE platform.  Once your presentation is in our cloud, you can display the presentation online or via a traditional projector or on a TV. Participants can vote on any slide contained in the PowerPoint file with their mobile devices once the presenter opens polling when appropriate.

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CloudVOTE displays user’s polling and voting content in the same way that it was created in PowerPoint.  Uploaded presentations containing audience polling and voting questions look identical to slides opened during a standard slideshow.  Unlike most voting applications that only show question and answer, CloudVOTE can display anything contained in your slides such as pictures, backgrounds, fonts, etc…  Additionally, presenters can choose to only push the slideshow content directly to user’s mobile device or display it centrally on a conference room screen while also individually showing it on a participant’s mobile device.

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CloudVOTE works with any mobile device equipped with Internet browser. Laptops, tablets, Android, Apple, and Windows phones all can easily use the service. Where CloudVOTE differs from most voting apps is that it also works with audience response keypads.  Users can run a CloudVOTE session with only mobile devices, only audience response keypads, or combine both types of devices to create a hybrid session.