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Interactive Training Management System

Track, Assess, and Document Instructor-Led Employee Training.

What Is CloudVOTE

Are you a corporate trainer, or manager who needs to get the instructor-led training results into your LMS quickly, or
establish a light LMS for your company? See how we can help you.

Instructor-led training is widely accepted as the best means to train and educate staff.

However, it is the hardest to measure and most complicated to document. Traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) struggle with live group training as individual progress is much harder to quantify when compared to self-paced assessments and e-learning initiatives. CloudVOTE is an interactive training management system that solves this problem by individualizing group training.

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Why Choose CloudVOTE

CloudVOTE is a secure, interactive training management system for instructor-led training and in-person, live events. CloudVOTE enhances presentation content by allowing instant audience feedback via mobile devices, and/or dedicated keypads. It makes content management easier and reporting to your LMS faster, by consolidating everything centrally with a push of a button.

Stored content is easily assigned and distributed to designated groups or individual users. Response data is centrally stored and aggregated to measure participation, track progress and identify outliers. Detailed reports and analytics are available online or synced via SFTP directly to your LMS. CloudVOTE complements traditional learning management systems, or operates independently to store content, measure participation, and deliver analysis.

Feature Highlights

  • Secure: ISO, SOC, FIPS Compliant
  • Customizable Desktop Workflow & UI
  • Online, Offline, and Hybrid Polling
  • Centralized Online Content Management
  • Single-Button Desktop Content Sync
  • Unauthorized Change Protection
  • Regulatory Compliance Archive
  • Automated Attendee Registration
  • Results Synced Across Enterprise
  • Automatic Nightly SFTP Transfers


  • Upload and centrally store your content
  • Measure participation and assess knowledge
  • Document attendance and performance


  • Delegate & manage access to content
  • Push & share slides to any device
  • Instant, live mobile polling & texting


  • Private & Encrypted
  • Single-Tenant Environment Available
  • DoD, ISO, FIPS Compliant

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